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with the development of society, people pay more and more attention to their diet, therefore, a variety of also appear.

with the improvement of people's requirements for food hygiene, the traditional packaging machinery has been unable to meet the needs of the market, in order to meet the market demand for packaging equipment, the research and development of automatic sealing machine production has become an inevitable trend.

at present, there are many kinds of automatic sealing machines produced in china, but most of them are semi-automatic products, mainly operated by manual or foot control.

the automatic sealing machine has the following advantages:

1, easy to use, flexible, safe. because the machine in normal operation, do not need to operate, as long as the material can be put into. at the same time, it can also adjust the temperature and time according to the user's requirements;

2, save labor, reduce costs. for some large enterprises, the cost of labor is high. if all the work is completed by workers, it will not only be inefficient, but also cause the waste of human and material resources. and with automatic sealing machine instead of manual, can greatly reduce the production cost of enterprises.

3. reduce pollution and clean the environment. because after using the machine, there is no need for manual operation, so it will not bring pollution to the working environment.

4, improve production, increase efficiency. not only can time be saved and productivity increased by using automated equipment instead of human labor. moreover, due to the use of advanced production technology, the quality of the product is also guaranteed. in addition, compared with ordinary products, the price of the product is also cheaper.

5. it is convenient to realize centralized management and optimize resource utilization. through the implementation of modern management means and computer aided design and other modern technology, can make the production process of enterprises more reasonable, intelligent, information. in this way, labor productivity can be improved, product quality can be improved, and cost can be effectively reduced.

6, can prevent cross contamination. during use, when two or more people are working at the same time, they may come into contact with different food materials (such as different batches of fruit), and cross infection can easily occur. but if the use of automated equipment, can effectively avoid the occurrence of this phenomenon.

7, can extend the shelf life. normally, the shelf life is limited. if you store unopened food on the shelf for a long time, it will cause certain damage to the shelf itself. but if you use automated equipment, you can avoid this problem to a certain extent.

to sum up, although our current industrial level is relatively low, in the future development, with the continuous improvement of science and technology, our country will develop more high-quality commodities.