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what is the detailed information  of our ?

1)  are specially designed to fill and seal liquid, semi-liquid, powder, and granular products into cups.

2) you can choose roll film or pre-cut cover.

3)  can automatically fill and seal the cup drop, fill, level control, cover, seal twice, push the cup and transport.

4) shanghai cup filling machine/liquid cup filling machine/cup sealing machine are multi-functional high-speed automatic machines for cups of different sizes according to customer requirements.

5)  all use world-renowned electrical and pneumatic components, which can be controlled by plc system, glass cover, date printing, etc. according to customer requirements.

what are the advantages of our shanghai filling machine/liquid filling machine/cup sealing machine ex-factory price?

1# according to the special requirements of customers, provide special designs, more than 8 years of  experience, professional designers and workers will serve you.

2# we are factories, manufacturers, direct sales with competitive prices.

3# each machine is strictly inspected before leaving the factory, and each machine is made of sus304 or sus316, and uses world-renowned electrical and pneumatic components;

4# during the warranty period, if any product is damaged or damaged within the scope of the instruction manual, we will provide free repair service or free replacement.

the workflow is as follows:
1.cups falling unit
2.filling units
3.suck foils unit
4.twice sealing units

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