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the nozzle bag is composed of a nozzle and a self-supporting bag. the self-supporting bag is a composite of packaging materials, and the nozzle is a bottle mouth made of plastic.

        it is generally used to package liquids, such as soy milk, soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, beverages, laundry detergent, and milk. due to the various forms of nozzles in the nozzle bag, there are long nozzles that can suck jelly, juice, and beverages, and there are also nozzles for detergents. with the continuous improvement, development and application of nozzle bags, most detergents and softeners in japan and south korea are currently packaged in nozzle bags and are loved by foreign friends. this is the rhythm of the gradual transfer of plastic packaging bags to self-supporting spout bags. the winter in the north is cold. liquor is very popular among northern men. drink less and keep fit and improve the body's calories. if people use a flexible package with a long mouth to make the package, it can be convenient for people working in the field to use body temperature or use hot water to warm the white sprinkle, and it is convenient to drink. nowadays, the advertising industry is developing rapidly. if you make full use of the advantages of flexible packaging printing and good printing quality, you can print advertisements on the self-supporting nozzle bag, which is easy to carry and spread widely, and you will have two benefits. so how is the self-supporting spout bag made?

        the nozzle bag is composed of two parts: a nozzle and a self-supporting bag, each of which has higher requirements on the process. if it is not mastered, unqualified products will appear, and bags will swell and break during use. , leakage and other issues. in order to avoid this situation in the production of stand-up pouches, attention must be paid to perforation, bag bottom placement, and bottom heat sealing. especially the joint parts of the four-layer and two-layer stand-up pouch are particularly prone to bag breakage and cross-sealing. it’s not enough. heat-sealing knives must be installed, and some parts must be heat-sealed. in addition, self-supporting bags with spouts require good opening performance. when making bags, remove static electricity on the surface to avoid adsorption between the bag and the bag, which is not conducive to the mouth-sealing machine to take the bag.

        at present, there are two ways to install nozzles in self-supporting bags in china: manual nozzles and thermal packaging nozzles. the temperature is transferred to the mouth through heat conduction, so that the mouth is melted and welded to the pe sealing layer of the bag.

        the finished product bags must be inspected by a special detector to prevent leakage and damage. at the same time, the physical properties of the self-supporting bag must be tested to withstand the maximum tensile force and maximum pressure.

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