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what is the production and use of

introduction of coffee capsules

the name of coffee capsule is completely translated from the english name. the english meaning of capsule is capsule. although it is a drink, it has a name like medicine. however, the name does vividly reflect the characteristics of coffee capsules. like medicinal capsules, the gum packaging contains powdery substances. the advantage of coffee capsules is that because the texture of the capsule wall is relatively hard, the prototype can be well maintained at high temperature, so high-pressure steam can be injected into the capsule, so that the coffee can completely precipitate the crema, that is, coffee fat, under the action of pressure. strong espresso, this can better ensure the aroma of the coffee. the main brands that produce coffee capsules are: nestlé’s nespresso, k-cup, italy’s oro (ovo, lavazza, monodor, gaggia’s ecaffe, and korean allcream, etc.).

the birth of coffee capsules the concept of coffee capsules was born in 1976, dedicated to capsule coffee machines. under the leadership of eric favre, nestlé launched nespresso, the world's first coffee capsule product. as a coffee connoisseur, eric favre visited countless cafes in italy and tasted thousands of different flavors of espresso coffee. he found different ways for the boss to make espresso at a coffee shop in rome called sant eustachio. when he operated the espresso machine, he often pulled the handle because he thought the machine was malfunctioning, which caused a large amount of compressed gas to enter the cup. inspired by it, he developed the coffee capsule products that people see today. and in 1986, nestlé officially independent of its coffee capsule department, nespresso sa was formally established, and the inventor eric favre became the ceo. in 1989, eric favre left nestlé and established his own independent coffee capsule company, monodor, in order to maximize his life-long work on coffee technology. in 2000, began to cooperate with lavazza to promote its coffee capsule technology and products.

the production and use of coffee capsules

the production of coffee capsules when making this capsule, the coffee beans are specially processed to make coffee powder and sealed in an aluminum-platinum space similar to "fruit jelly". at the same time, the capsule is filled with non-toxic inert gas to extend the shelf life. the effect of re-sterilization. when it is necessary to brew coffee, put the coffee capsule into the special capsule coffee machine and press the brewing button without other operations.

in addition to coffee capsules, there is another coffee powder pouch that is different from coffee capsules. english is coffee pod and french is dosette. coffee machines are mostly made by small electrical appliance manufacturers in germany or holland, so coffee powder pods are sometimes it is also written as coffee pad, which comes from german writing. chinese is sometimes translated as: coffee powder pods, coffee biscuits, coffee pods or coffee pods. the difference between capsules and capsules is that, generally speaking, capsules are entirely made of filter paper or plastic with special materials, much like tea bags. therefore, it is easier in the production process, less material waste, and no excessive threat to the environment. however, due to the limitation of the powder bag material, water vapor cannot be injected into the powder bag, only hot water can be injected, so the preparation the coffee produced is not as pure as capsule coffee, but because of its relatively low price, it is also favored by many people. the main brands that produce coffee powder pouches are: senseo, tassimo, etc.

coffee capsules can only be used with corresponding machines. this is greatly restricted in the choice of coffee, especially . although their capsule coffee machines are provided by many brands, capsules can only be used by nestle itself, not with other brands. capsules are universal. the capsules of lavazza, gaggia, and caffitaly system are universal.

the advantage of the capsule is that it is simple and convenient, and the quality of each cup of coffee made can be basically the same. the production and use of coffee capsules