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solid packing machine is designed and manufactured by advanced science and technology. it has reliable quality, high efficiency and beautiful shape.


it adopted advanced photo electricity track planet differential compensating mode and automatic constant temperature control mechanism, which makes this machine has very fast packing speed.

automatically finish whole packing processes of bag making, computation, filling, sealing, cutting, counting and heat pressing batch number on the bag.

it is suitable for various compound packing materials.

made from stainless steel to ensure international hygiene standards.

technical parameters  

model gt-300k gt-480k gt-800k
bag length 50-150mm 50-300mm 100-550mm
bag width 25-120mm 70-190mm 120-290mm
film width 60-240mm 160-380mm 260-600mm
filling volume 5-100ml 50-500ml 250-5000ml
packing speed 40-80bag/min 40-80bag/min 20-60bag/min
power 1.6kw 1.65kw 3.5kw
air source 0.6mpa 0.65mpa 0.65mpa
air consumption 1m3/min 1m3/min 6m3/min
size 760*980*1800mm 900*1120*2360mm 1180*1890*2460mm
weight 300kg 480kg 800kg